It's targeted at youth teams with the desire to develop their own coaches' abilities and competence thought a complete internship, offering excursus excellent training opportunities for the athletes at the same time. 
We could work on the three disciplines: SL, GS, SG.
We will work on:
- Free skiing
- Skiing in the course, with different kind of course in relation to the technical aspects that will be treated;
- Different exercises and their applicability;
- Skiing on different kind of slopes, snow conditions and level of course difficulty;
- Video analysis on and off slopes;
- Classroom sessions for further study; 
We will invite top level athletes to take a part in the training process in order to:
- Show the correct executive technique
- Create a positive exemple 
- Talk, discuss with young athletes and motivate

Within the project, we include the possibility of sending one of our professionals to the country where the team is based in order to meet the team, assess your situation, discuss ideas/plans, and work together.